Developing managerial skills

What a leader lose when is not coached:

  • What worked yesterday does not work today. The situation has changed but your behavior has not. Yet you blame your problems on customers, coworkers, the boss…
  • Your success boxes you into the role of “savior”. The more you know, the more others count on you to solve their problems. This vicious circle prevents you from delegating and you end up overworked.
  • People prepare themselves for failure but not sufficiently for success. When success happens, they are thrown off course, preventing them from focusing on the next opportunity. This situation could result in the person missing the next step up.
  • You lack control over the workload but do not implement a system for recuperating. Consequently, you cannot step back and work in a positive frame of mind. The fundamental life balance goes off kilter and unconsciously you make others pay: yourself, your family, your coworkers, etc.
  • An outside point of view is lacking, but would provide insight into best practices. You no longer receive feedback on goals, because you have too much power within the organization. You need external stimulation. This situation could lead to falling short of the performance standards in your market.

Convinced of coaching’s added value? We define this practice as personalized support, aiming to improve the situation for both you and your company.

Several solutions are available:

Management coaching: managing a corporation has become an increasingly difficult enterprise. In a complicated, changing and overly competitive world, having a consistent, clear strategy is primordial so that coworkers have a sense of purpose and can achieve their best performance. In this context, all the specialists agree that leaders need to step back and gain perspective in order to influence a company’s overall performance.

We are here to help you:

  • Clarify your communication of strategic goals.
  • Cope with stress better.
  • Improve the quality and consistency of managing change.
  • Identify managerial behavior that can help achieve strategic goals.
  • Work on team-building for management in order to help reach strategic goals.

“Seeking resilience” seminar: a specific team-building exercise that aims to revitalize team efficiency and restore each team-member’s well-being. These seminars specifically target management teams. They are tailor-made and usually carried out in house.

We are here to help you:

  • Improve the team’s strategic alignment.
  • Boost confidence, efficiency, and cohesiveness.
  • Identify and coach the group’s dynamic.
  • Facilitate decision-making and problem-solving.
  • Help manage tension and stress better.

Manager coaching: a 4, 6 or 12-month coaching package for managers having to cope with complicated situations. The idea is simple: we have an initial face-to-face interview to determine the background, issues, and goals. After this meeting, the manager can contact the coach as often as necessary during the package period. The working topics can be:

  • Regulating workloads.
  • Fostering the feeling of recognition/appreciation.
  • Dealing with a difficult team or coworker.
  • Handling complex change.
  • Developing influence and leadership, etc…

Best Practice Analysis Group: collective coaching which allows a group of managers to share their work and identify best practices to ensure professional fulfillment for themselves and their teams. This is a very useful system during times of change to provide support for managers and prevent burnout.

Qualia360: managerial diagnostics which combines the evaluation of capacity for change leadership and healthy management practices. Helps managers identify their strengths and areas for improvement based on two criteria: the well-being of their coworkers and the team’s efficiency.

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