Our expertise

Our goal is to help companies realize the benefits of improving quality of life in the workplace. This is an advantage for :

  • Protecting health,
  • Improving employee commitment,
  • Reducing absenteeism,
  • Retaining talent,
  • Diminishing legal risk,
  • Heightening customer satisfaction,
  • Ensuring successful, effective transformations,

…professional well-being is now known to be one of the major ways to improve company performance.

Thanks to our expertise in vital areas, we are able to offer an approach that is comprehensive (Organization, Management, Individual), multi-disciplinary (sociology, psychology, management, etc.) and multi-player (management, labors, OHS, HR, etc.) using the most pragmatic and confirmed scientific tools and methods.

Midori Consulting is here to help you with 5 areas :

  1. Improving quality of life in the workplace,
  2. Human resources and managerial advancement,
  3. Presence and support during times of change,
  4. Prevention of burn out,
  5. Crisis management and mediation in risky or difficult situations.

Our professional services:

  • speaking
  • training
  • consulting
  • coaching

Together, we will design a tailor-made solution that is best adapted to your company’s business culture and which will help us work in concert to improve working conditions. We base our approach on the following principles:

  1. In order to change the way business is done, every individual has to be committed to working together.
  2. We cannot achieve results without working on the principle of reality.
  3. Personal well-being is what fuels a company’s performance.
  4. Change is more frequently determined by the future than the past.

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