Matthieu Poirot

Founder and head of Midori Consulting. With a doctorate in social psychology and management, Dr Poirot is trained in cognitive behavioral and systemic methods and has worked as a consultant, coach, and speaker for more than 11 years. His expertise encompasses quality of life in the workplace along with organizational management and development. He splits his time between working directly with corporations, conducting research, and teaching, both in France (mostly at the graduate schools HEC, Paris Panthéon Assas University and ESSEC) and abroad.

His multi-disciplinary experience and expertise means that he can offer you tailor-made solutions in humane organizational management.

Dr Poirot prefers to take a comprehensive approach (Organization, Management, Psychology) involving all the key players (management, labors, HR, OHS, etc.) in order to find the ideal workplace balance of personal well-being, diversity, and efficiency. He has worked for major corporations, government offices, community organizations, and smaller companies.

Author of Difficult Situations at Work and Co-author of the book Psychosocial stress and risks in the workplace (in French, available here) and author of over a dozen academic articles, his work has been quoted in the media on numerous occasions: le monde. Fr; Europe 1, France 5, Les Echos, La Tribune, Reuters, Management, Cadreemploi, 01net, Ouest France, Newzy,…

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Academic director of Certificat Management des Risques Psychosociaux.

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