Our team

To better address the complexity of the various situations where Midori Consulting is called on to help, our firm has gathered together a team of independent experts and consultants who each contribute specific added value for every assignment.

This team is international and works in several languages (English, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, and German). We have access to a large network of consultants for jobs which have special needs or a particular geographical location (ex: regions in France, Latin America, Southeast Asia).

Our team of over 20 expert consultants has vast experience. Our well-rounded professionals include:

  • organizational psychologists, social psychologists
  • clinical psychologists
  • organizational sociologists
  • medical doctors
  • management experts, coach
  • ergonomists

Midori Consulting also has a strategic working partnership with AlterAlliance, a management consulting and coaching firm.

Our clients are large international corporations, small and medium-sized businesses, community organizations, and government departments.