Psychosocial risks and quality of life in the workplace

Psychosocial risks: We identify the sources of job stress which can have a negative influence on health, efficiency, and productivity. The most frequent are excessive workload, lack of autonomy and recognition, the impression of no career prospects, insufficient support, poor management practices, and issues of violence or intimidation.

Quality of life in the workplace: This corresponds to a proactive and comprehensive approach within a company seeking to eliminate job stress, enhance worker health and safety, and promote healthy management practices. This is a long-term approach, with active participation from all of those concerned at both the employer level (HSWCC, management, OHS, social services, HR, management, etc.) and the employee level.

The company wants to take steps to manage the following challenges:

  • Prevent stress and psychosocial risks.
  • Come up with a common culture and best practices between the various support players in the workplace (HSWCC, labors, HR, OHS, risk prevention specialists, management, etc.).
  • Provide support with the creation of a framework for managing more complicated human resources and daily workplace situations.
  • Helping coworkers improve their quality of life in the office.

We are here to help you:

  • Reduce the level of stress in your office
  • Protect employee health and safety
  • Keep workers motivated
  • Reduce and prevent conflict in the workplace
  • Improve the quality of management
  • Enhance the efficiency of prevention systems
  • Encourage social dialogue

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